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Traveling With The Inogen One G2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator


Patients on the go, want to be spontaneous? Do you want to pick up and go when ever you feel like it?  The Inogen One G2 is the perfect solution.  The G2 portable oxygen concentrator is the newest addition to the portable oxygen world.  Inogen is one of the pioneers of the portable oxygen machine market.  The second generation portable oxygen unit is smaller, lighter and has more battery life than the original Inogen One.  There are two different size batteries available for the G2 model, the 12 cell (up to 4 hours of battery life) or the 25 cell battery (up to 8 hours of battery life).  Traveling by train, plane, or automobile is a simple task with the new Inogen One G2.  The G2 works off of three different power supplies, lithium ion batteries, A/C power, Or D/C power just like a laptop computer.

Inogen One G2 Traveling Tips
Traveling can be a task when your traveling on oxygen therapy.  Most important you don’t have to give up traveling. With the proper preperation you can go on a quick outing or a 2 month vacation without any worry.

Follow these tips when you plan your next trip

  • Decide when, how, and where you will be traveling
  • Get in touch with your oxygen provider
  • Get your physician to give you a prescription for the Inogen One G2. Make sure you keep a copy of it on you at all times.
  • Talk with your doctor and make sure it is safe for you to travel

Inogen One G2 Air Travel
Travel within the United States

The FAA has approved traveling with the Inogen One G2 portable oxygen concentrator on commercial airlines within the United States as well as international flights that end or begin in the United States.  Airline policies are different between many of the airlines so make sure to check with there rules and regulations before you head off to travel with the G2 portable oxygen concentrator.

The FAA label is on the top of the Inogen One G2 unit.  Unzip the custom carry bag and you will find the label there on top.

Traveling Internationally
The Inogen One G2 Is also approved by International airlines, see the list below.  Because airlines have different rules and regulations, oxygen therapy patients that plan to travel with the G2 portable oxygen machine need to check with there airline before traveling.

The list continues to grow so check back frequently for any changes.

Flying With Travel Oxygen
Traveling with a portable oxygen concentrator such as the Inogen One G2 requires a bit of advanced planning.  Make sure that you check with the airline that you are traveling with and check there rules and guidelines before your travels.  Most airlines require you to travel with a written statement from your doctor allowing you to fly with oxygen along with a prescription.  There are other guidelines such as:

  • Notifiying the airline you are traveling with along with the flight attendant upon boarding the flight that you will be using a portable oxygen concentrator during the flight.
  • Confirming with the airlines withing 48 hours that you will be using portable oxygen on board.
  • Showing them you have the ability to hear alarms and are able to operate the Inogen One G2 portable oxygen concentrator or that you are traveling with a companion that can do so.

Most airlines have trained professionals that specialize in your special needs to assist.

Inogen One G2 Land Travel
Train, Bus, Car or R.V.

Traveling by train, bus, car, or r.v. is a lot less restrictive than traveling by plane for patients on oxygen therapy.  Even though you may be traveling by ground with a commercial company its always important to let them know you will be traveling with the G2 portable oxygen concentrator.

Travel Tips Traveling By Land

  • Always keep a window open to prevent oxygen accumulation.
  • Keep the phone number to your oxygen equipment supplier just in case you have a question while you are on the road.
  • Don’t keep oxygen tanks in a hot car or compartments.
  • Keep oxygen containers upright and secure at all times.
  • Don’t smoke while using an oxygen concentrator.
  • Ask your doctor before leaving if a change in climate or altitude will change your breathing patterns. Your doctor may want to change your settings for your oxygen therapy.

By R.V. Or Car
With the G2’s long battery life it is the perfect oxygen companion for long or short distance trips.  During your travels by land you can depend on two power sources, either by battery or plugged into a cigarette lighter using the d/c connection.  If you choose to use the d/c supply you can use the portable oxygen unit while charging the batteries at the same time. Note: if you choose to use the d/c power supply make sure you keep your vehicle running so you don’t kill the battery.

By Train

Traveling with the Inogen One G2 oxygen concentrator is also less restrictive than traveling by air.  America’s train system AMTRAK has there own set of guidelines to follow.

  • Amtrak allows you to bring a portable oxygen concentrator on board as long as it does not soley depend on the trains power to function. Any oxygen unit brought on board the train must be able to function for at least 4 hours on battery power.
  • You may recharge your batteries or use your G2 through the a/c as long as you are in a sleeping car.
  • You must advise Amtrak at least 12 hours ahead of time that you will be bringing the Inogen One G2 portable oxygen concentrator on board.

For more information about traveling with an oxygen concentrator on Amtrak, call 1-800-USA-RAIL or visit there website at .

By Bus
Most commercial bus lines want 48 hours notification that you will be bringing a portable oxygen concentrator on board.  According to Greyhound 48 hours notice is federal guidelines allowing them to make necessary arrangements to provide any type of assistance.  To arrange assistance provided by Greyhound bus lines call there customer service for traveling with disabilities at 1-800-752-4841.

By Sea
Most cruise liners allow there passengers to bring along there own personal portable oxygen concentrators, such as the G2 portable oxygen concentrator.  Its best to check with the cruise line and read over there rules and regulations for bringing oxygen on board the boat.  Here is a list for your convenience of the most popular cruise liners.

Major Cruise Lines

Carnival Cruise Lines 866-299-5698
Celebrity Cruise Lines 800-647-2251
Costa Cruise Lines 800-445-8020 ext. 5009
Crystal Cruise Line 800-804-1500
Cunard Cruise Line 800-728-6273
Disney Cruise Line 800-951-3532
Holland America 877-724-6237
Norwegian Cruise Line
Princess Cruise Line 800-774-6237
Regent Seven Seas Cruise Line 877-505-5370
Royal Caribbean 888-562-7625
Windstar Cruise Line 800-258-7245


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